Panoramas of the solar eclipse

29 march 2006 (Antalya - Turkey)

5 minutes before totality

All these spherical panoramas were stiched from 4 photos, taken with a fish-eye 8mm Sigma lens. This series was exposed at 1/20s and f/6.7.

During the 3 minutes of totality

During totality, the darkness was very deep, some lamps ligthened and the screen of my DSLR is visible. In fact it was my first total eclipse and I was surprised by the brutal fall of light I did not exposed my shot enough (1/8s at f/6.7). Although I overdeveloped the raw files, the final pano is a bit noisy.

The mosk 5 minutes after totality

This image was obtained by tone mapping of the hdr file created by 3 different exposures (1/45s, 1/180s and 1/10s at f/6.7)

The Cap Astro astronomers group at the end of the eclipse

Almost standard exposures : 1/180s, f/8 , 100 ISO like all other photos

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